A PUBLIC EVENT with Jess Zimbabwe

The Lake Superior Design Retreat is designed to be an interdisciplinary event with speakers who would appeal to a widely, diverse audience. In order to introduce a broader range of people to the Design Retreat, and to better connect with our host city, we are inviting Duluth residents to join us for a presentation by Jess Zimbabwe on downtown edge neighborhoods, and a discussion on Duluth’s Central Hillside neighborhood.

Bus or drive to Clyde Iron Works

This event will take place at Clyde Iron Works. Take the bus or drive. Plenty of parking available. On the way, the bus will drive through the areas of the city that will be discussed. Steve McNeill, AIA, long-time Duluth resident, architect, and one of the Lake Superior Design Retreat founders, will ride the bus and share a little about the history and evolution of these pieces of the city.

Donuts and coffee

Donuts and coffee will precede the presentation at Clydes. Save room from breakfast. 

Lunch on your own

Immediately following is lunch time! We’ll have a list of restaurants near Clydes from which you can choose. Or, you can choose the soup and sandwich buffet lunch back at Fitger’s (sign up in advance ; $20 pp). Or, have lunch somewhere else on your own!