November | December 2010 Divine by Design
Vol. 36 No. 6

Nov/Dec 2010 Press Release


By Thomas Fisher, Assoc. AIA
The American Institute of Architects Minnesota bestows its highest individual honor, the Gold Medal, on Edward Kodet Jr., FAIA, for his peerless dedication to the architectural profession.

Passage to India: Hindu Temple
page 28
By Linda Mack

Faithfully Restored: Westwood Lutheran
page 32
By Camille LeFevre

Pilgrim’s Rest: House of Prayer
page 34
By Linda Mack

Nature Sanctuary: White Bear Unitarian
page 38

By Amy Goetzman

Munisotaram, Minnesota: Buddhist Temple
page 42
By Brandon Stengel, Assoc. AIA

Time-Tested: New Melleray Abbey
page 44
By Bill Beyer, FAIA

By Thomas Fisher, Assoc. AIA
“Sacred architecture that fosters an ecumenical spirit seems relevant not only in terms of attracting the millennial generation to places of worship,” writes Thomas Fisher. “With so much strife occurring among religious groups around the world, finding a spiritual common ground has become an urgent geopolitical matter, and one in which architecture—and architects—can play a role."

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7 Nov/Dec 2010 Editor’s Note

11 Post It
Heard of NIMBYism? Well, now there’s YIMBYism. Or at least there should be when it comes to greening our homes.

13 Culture Crawl by Matthew and Jen Kreilich
New York’s Fashion Week is over, but fall fashion events in Minneapolis are still in full runway swing.

15 Why It Works by Adam Regn Arvidson
There’s a reason Colonial Church of Edina evokes an idyllic 17th-century New England village.

19 Studio by Ann Klefstad
SJA Architects’ family-firm roots color the firm’s philosophy and the personality of its Old Downtown Duluth studio.

21 Wayfarer by William Armstrong, AIA
Retracing a transatlantic voyage he took as an architecture student, an architect encounters a new seaside gem in the Canary Islands.

21 Studio by Heather Beal
The studio that Paulsen Architects designed for itself in Mankato tells you everything you need to know about the firm’s core values.

23 Town Talk by Phillip Glenn Koski, AIA
We were all ears when Alan Reed of St. John’s Abbey sat down to talk with us about the life of faith on hallowed architectural ground.

72 Place by Pete Sieger, AIA
Enhanced by dramatic lighting, the monumentality of the underside of the I-35W bridge marks a sacred site of a different kind.

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On the Cover

Hindu Temple of Minnesota

Maple Grove, MN

“The Hindu Temple of Minnesota is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I’ve had the good fortune to photograph,” says photographer George Heinrich. “It’s a wonderful addition to the ever-growing diversity of spiritual houses in Minnesota.”

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