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The Magazine of AIA Minnesota
Sustainability Comes Home
May - June 2008
Vol. 34 No. 3
Editor's Note

Green Houses? We’ve Got ’Em Covered


Sustainable residential design and neighborhood planning are gaining a foothold in the Upper Midwest, and we at Architecture Minnesota thought we’d dramatize the trend by illustrating the proliferation of green architect-designed homes on our cover. Did one or more of these projects catch your eye? The key below lists the architect for each project and one of the home’s leading green features. If any of these eco-friendly components are unfamiliar to you, check out the Green Glossaries in “A Deeper Shade of Green” (page 33) or, better yet, visit, where husband-and-wife architects Kevin Flynn, AIA, and Roxanne Nelson, AIA, have been documenting the design and construction of their super-sustainable home in St. Paul (page 38).

In this issue you’ll discover that, while sustainable strategies vary from project to project, the design intent is always the same: to create living spaces that are healthier for inhabitants and the environment, as well as cost-effective over time. Those are aspirations we all can embrace.

1. E2 City Homes (page 34)
LHB, Inc.

2. Hammond Residence (page 42)
Michael Huber Architects

3. NowHaus
Locus Architecture

4. MiNN HA House (page 46)
SALA Architects

5. Excelsior & Grand (page 48)
Elness Swenson Graham Architects

6. Sustainable Ranch
SALA Architects

7. Johnson Greenberg Residence
IOTA: Inland Office for Tomorrow’s Architecture

8. McGowan Residence
SALA Architects

9. Prior Lake Renovation
Habitat Architecture

10. Jackson Street Village
Cermak Rhoades Architects

11. Minneapolis Residence
McMonigal Architects

12. Sustainable Modernist
Sarah Nettleton Architects

13. E2 City Homes
See photo #1

14. Ryan Residence
Salmela Architect

15. Mahtomedi Residence
CF Design

16. Ellis Residence
Rehkamp Larson Architects

17. The Edgewater
Elness Swenson Graham Architects

18. Suburban Duluth Home
CF Design

19. Wisconsin Farm
Locus Architecture

20. Private Guest Cabin
Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle

21. Snug House
Locus Architecture

22. Hammond Residence
See photo #2

23. 5ive
Shelter Architecture

24. EcoDEEP Haus (page 38)

25. Hamilton Jelle Residence
SALA Architects

26. weeHouse (modular)

Christopher Hudson
Architecture Minnesota