Through the Louis Lundgren Award, AIA Minnesota seeks to encourage and recognize outstanding individual volunteerism. Volunteering is a member’s purest means of giving something back to the profession and community. Recipients of this award exemplify unfailing commitment to the goals of AIA Minnesota, foster the advancement of the Institute at a national or regional level, and are public leaders.


Any current member of AIA Minnesota may nominate candidates for the Louis Lundgren Award. To be eligible, a candidate must be a member of AIA Minnesota for a period of not less than ten years and be a member in good standing at the time of nomination. Emeritus members are eligible.


A jury selected by the Committee on Design will review the nominations and oversee the award selection process.


A current AIA Minnesota member may nominate a candidate for the Louis Lundgren Award by submitting a letter of recommendation which supports the candidate’s volunteerism using the online awards program link found above . (Note: Letter of recommendation must be third party).

The nominator also submits online a brief statement addressing why this candidate should be considered for this award and is able to submit additional documentation that supports the candidate’s volunteerism, including a list of references (names, emails, phone numbers, and addresses) of witnesses to volunteer efforts, exhibits showing accomplishments of volunteer efforts, publications or articles addressing those accomplishments, and/or any other items supporting the quality of the candidate’s volunteer efforts.

The deadline for 2017 Louis Lundgren Award submissions has passed.

2017 Louis Lundgren Award

Theodore R. Lentz, AIA

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Louis Lundgren Award Recipients

1994   Louis Lundgren, AIA
1995   Thomas H. Sopoci, AIA
1996   Ronald Krank, AIA
1997   Charles D. Liddy, FAIA
1998   William E. Rust, AIA
1999   Eldon Morrison, AIA
2000   None
2001   Charles Huntley, AIA
2003   Dennis Grebner, FAIA
2003   Elizabeth Thompson, AIA
2005   Richard T. Faricy, AIA
2006   Keith Sjoquist, AIA
2007   Vicki Hooper, AIA
2008   Michael Schrock, AIA
2008   John W. Cuningham, FAIA
2009   Chuck Sullivan, AIA
2010   None
2011    Doug Westby, AIA
2012    Douglas D. Pierce, AIA
2013    Paul Mellblom, AIA
2014    None
2015    Phillip Glenn Koski, AIA
2016    David L. Andersen, AIA