Graduate Development Program for University Hire

Post Date: Tuesday, April 23
Job Title: Graduate Development Program for University Hire
Organization: HP
Description: Graduate Development Programs (GDP) to recruit and train next generation technical and business professionals in the Midrange, Network & Storage capabilities within Global Infrastructure Technology Outsourcing (ITO) rotational development program supplemented by both a technical and business learning/certification path. Provides a structured program from which to launch a career in IT. Supports the participant with a fully-developed mentorship program from day one, with mentors at various levels of career development. Exposes the participant to executives and the organization's overall make-up and strategy. Trains the participant in not only technical skills, but also in general professional skills and business acumen.

- GDP recruits recent college graduates each year. Participants hired within the same calendar year are grouped into a class. This is a unique opportunity for both HP and the newly-hired, as it creates a group of peers who work together to learn the HP way and introduce the new hire into the corporate environment.
- GDP currently has three career tracks being offered - Midrange, Network & Storage/BUR (Back-Up & Restore):
- The Midrange Development Program offers rotations through server stand-up, operations and solution integration and design prior to the selection of one of five Midrange technologies: Oracle, Cloud, Windows, UNIX/Linux or Production Engineering.

The Network Development Program offers rotations through network infrastructure and client delivery engineering as well as operations and lab exposure. The Network Development Program also provides a rotation through the foundational side of the networking business, including solution integration and design as well as business management and tools, automation and processes.

The Storage/BUR Development Program offers rotations through both operations and solution integration and design, and provides an in-depth view of both the storage and BUR delivery capabilities prior to the selection of specialty by the university graduate.

GDP gives you the unique opportunity to develop personal relationships with executives including Vice Presidents and Directors. GDP offers an excellent opportunity to interact with key executives of the corporation in the areas of support, encouragement and acknowledgement. All participants are assigned a mentor and a buddy. The mentor is an employee with years of experience and scores of expertise, while the buddy is a fellow program participant who has been, at a minimum, a year with the GDP.

With HP being a large global corporation, it is able to offer all of its employees a vast amount of resources. Included in this are career-focused web trainings on a large number of topics, ranging from technical learning to career and professional skill development. In addition, access to digital textbooks, especially those regarding technical topics and certifications, are make available to HP employees.

GDP holds both philanthropic and social events for its participants. GDP participants have been involved in numerous regional activities, including Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, Habitat for Humanity, Walk for Multiple Sclerosis, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the North Texas Food Bank. Social events include outings such as happy hours, dinners, sporting events and competitions.

- Desired candidates are completing a bachelor's degree program with a focus on any of the following: Computer networking technologies, Computer - Science/Computer Engineering; Management Information Systems (MIS); Industrial & Systems Engineering; Engineering Technology & Industrial Distribution; Information & Operations Management.
- Previous participants have hailed from 3 continents, 12 states and 23 universities; all meeting the minimum requirements:
- Minimum of 3.0 GPA with excellent recommendations from professors/internships
- One year window from graduation Applicant must be a US citizen, or have a US Work Visa

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