Building Code Committee

The Building Code Committee uses this monthly meeting as a forum for roundtable discussions on future codes being considered for adoption, real-time case studies where codes have impacted a project as well as for guest speaker's to share their experiences with the group.  Our mission is to keep the membership updated on the upcoming changes to the code, assist the governing bodies in developing the code and educate the membership. 

Contact the staff liaison, Deanna Christiansen for copies of the committee meeting minutes each month.

Chair: Gerhard Guth, AIA

AIA Staff Liaison: Deanna Christiansen

Meeting Date: Second Wednesday of the month at noon at the AIA Minnesota office

Code Adoption Update

The current schedule of proposed building code chapter timelines for state of Minnesota adoption can be reviewed by visiting

For other codes and regulations see the State of Minnesota Website.

Everyone is painfully aware that building and energy codes vary from state to state.  AIA has created a map that identifies which codes each state is using.  Check it out at State by State Codes Snapshot at

Code Alert

The AIA Building Code Committee is proud to announce the appointment of Gerhard Guth, AIA to the the Construction Codes Advisory Council (CCAC). He is the appointed Licensed Architect member of the committee. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Gerhard Guth at HGA. He will be reporting the work of the committee to the building code committee at their meetings.

The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry has adopted the 2006 International Building Code with State Amendments as of July 10, 2007. For further information go to click here

AIA Codes Brochure

Codes Seminars

Info on code seminars and classes outside the AIA Minnesota Professional Development program.

Besides the continuing education seminars put on by the AIA Minnesota Professional Development Committee, the following code related seminars are available:

State of Minnesota, Dept. of Administration, Building Codes and Standards Division present some of the seminars indicated. These seminars are being put on for building officials, but are available to architects and other design professionals. Seminar registration and additional information can be obtained at the BCSD website

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