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Registered Architect

Posted Thursday, April 16


Cuningham Group Architecture, Inc.


Outside Minnesota


Cuningham Group Architecture, Inc. seeks a registered architect to conduct construction administration for a corporate campus in Verona, WI. Candidates must have 10-15 years experience overall and significant on-site experience work.
1. May conduct or participate in construction progress meetings with clients and contractors;
2. Oversee the construction administration documentation process;
3. Perform onsite observation through construction;
4. May manage some parts of projects in accordance with approved Project Plan;
5. Ability to effectively read documents for information and design intent;
6. Work cooperatively with other on site co-workers and contractors;
1. Bachelor or Master of Architecture degree from a college or university that is accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board.
2. Knowledge of design professional industry standard computer graphic and information management software applications.
3. Strong communication skills with the ability to communicate ideas and collaboratively share information effectively with co-workers, clients and contractors.
4. Knowledge of design tools, materials and software available.
5. Technical knowledge to oversee development of detailed design and document production.
6. Knowledge of building systems and materials.
7. Ability to take a leadership role on a project and to delegate work to others.


Julie Lang