During the past few years of economic uncertainty, remodeling an existing residential space has become a cost-effective way for homeowners to reinterpret their living space without having to move to a new home. This year’s Homes by Architects Tour showcases a multitude of home remodels, each motivated by different needs.

Homes #3 and #15 feature remodels and additions to an existing home where the clients truly took advantage of the opportunity to make the space work for them. The owners of home #15 needed additional space to host their adult children and their families. The resulting project designed by Gregg Graton, AIA, of Ispiri Design-Build, included a mix of critical living space — including a bathroom, office and exercise room — and a little luxury, in the form of a swimming pool with a state-of-the-art, retractable roof system.

The owners of home #3 were motivated by a desire to refresh and update their 25-year old kitchen, but ultimately grew the project to include a newly designed sunroom, laundry room and bathroom as well. They worked with architects John Idstrom, AIA, and David Ostreim, AIA, of Partners 4, Design, to make the spaces relevant and functional, as well as aesthetically renewed. Light-filled rooms now showcase optimized lakefront views, and rich materials add to a feeling of warmth and comfort within.  

Tickets to the Homes by Architects Tour will be available for online purchase beginning in August.


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