Advancing EQUITY in the profession by sponsoring promising minority students with focused and sustained financial support

Created in 1992 as the Minority Architectural Scholarship, this fund was renamed the Clarence Wigington Minority Architectural Scholarship to recognize the extraordinary professional and civic accomplishments of the first African American municipal architect in the United States and the first licensed African American architect in Minnesota. This scholarship provides tuition scholarships to minority students who wish to pursue a professional education in architecture in Minnesota, and who hold promise for succeeding in an architectural career. Funding is provided through annual raffles at the AIA Minnesota Conference on Architecture and donations. This year’s scholarship was enhanced by a special gift from AIA National’s Component Matching Grant program.

The Wigington Scholarship from Ryan Siemers on Vimeo.

Scholarship Recipients Graduate

Congratulations to Jessica Holmes and Savannah Steele recipients of the 2015 Clarence Wigington Minority Architectural Scholarship and recent graduates of the Masters of Architecture program at the University of Minnesota!  Jessica and Savannah join others as graduating recipients of the Wigington scholarship.  Congratulations!

Jessica Holmes and Savannah Steele










Past Scholarship Recipients

Jessica Holmes: M. Arch degree 2018. 
Savannah Steele: M. Arch degree 2018.
Josh Ong: M. Arch. degree 2015. 
Namdi Alexander: M. Arch. degree 2014. 
Vanessa Abin-Fuentes: M. Arch. degree 2014. 
Jonathon Jacobs: M. Arch. degree 2013. 
Keon Blasingame: M. Arch. degree 2005. 
Pauv Thouk, AIA: M. Arch degree 2005.