While many of the challenges created by COVID-19 are common across industries, there are some issues unique to the profession of architecture that need to be addressed. These resources will help architects navigate this challenging time.

Coronavirus Construction Limits: State-by-State Tracker — AIA is tracking regulations and limitations on the construction industry generally and architecture specifically in each state. 

Minnesota State Building Code Adoption Update (March 31)  — The updated Minnesota state building code went into effect as scheduled at the end of March. Visit this website to learn more about the availability of published materials related to the new code.

Architect Standard of Care Relative to Site Visits During the COVID-19 Pandemic – AIA (March 27, 2020) — AIA created a document with key considerations each practitioner should use in determining whether and how to conduct work on site during the COVID-19 pandemic.

DLI Guidance to Cities Related to Inspections — The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, which is the state agency responsible for inspections, issued the above guidance to cities regarding inspections during the COVID-19 pandemic.

AIA Minnesota Member Resources — AIA Minnesota asked members to post their pandemic response plan to an open Google folder for others to learn from. Please note: because the situation and guidance from state and federal governments has been changing daily, these employers have likely revised their plans since posting.

Strategies for Safer Retail Stores from AIA

Strategies for Safer Office Spaces from AIA

Articles and Media Resources

Practice of Architecture has produced COVID-19 Architecture Firm Best Practices, Communications and Temp Policies, a regularly updated database of Google docs.

How Autodesk is Helping Communities, Customers, and Employees Impacted by COVID-19 — This posting notes free and extended products Autodesk is making available to customers to help with remote work.

Culturally Enriched Communities is compiling information on COVID-19 and environmental interventions to help inform stay-at-home responses and recovery effortsLed by University of Minnesota’s professor of Interior Design Tasoulla Hadjiyanni, this research initiative gathers best practices for creating healthy and connected communities.

“Avoid Contract Default When COVID-19 Strikes” (Victor Risk Management Blog: Risk Management Guidance for Design Professionals)

“Pandemic Risks” (Victor Risk Management Blog: Risk Management Guidance for Design Professionals)

“Look to your contracts and OSHA during the pandemic” (Victor Risk Management Blog: Risk Management Guidance for Design Professionals)

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