2023 LSDR Learning Objectives

DR23Interludes – The Design of Agincourt and the Impact of History
1.25 LUs

  1. Recognize that there is an integral relationship between narrative and design and that each place tells a story.
  2. Consider how an awareness of narrative and design and the cyclical nature of history will impact future design.
  3. Examine how design is shaped by Forces (natural phenomena over which we have little or no control); how design is shaped by Factors (societal processes at an institutional level); and how design is shaped by Faces (individuals who become cultural forces in their own right).
  4. Consider how these factors shape your design and why it matters.

DR23Indigenous – Drawing from Lived Experiences as an Indigenous Designer
1.25 LUs

  1. Recognize a new generation of indigenous people entering into the profession of architecture and design.
  2. Explore how elements of current design have broken barriers from past stereotypes of Indigenous identities.
  3. Examine the role traditional Indigenous values can have on contemporary design.
  4. Examine the work of one Indigenous architect and describe how his design respects Indigenous values and inspires architects and designers of all generations.

LSDR2023 – A Multi-Disciplinary Look at Creative Expression, Process, and Design
4.0 LUs

  1. Compare and contrast the creative process, practice philosophies, motivations, and inspirations of other design professionals to that of your own as an architect.
  2. Examine design that bridges disciplines and consider how cross-disciplinary collaborations may enhance and/or redefine how we perceive architecture.
  3. Explore how the selection of materials and design can inform future design to enhance durability, maintainability, repair-ability, leading to less waste and less environmental impact.
  4. Consider how architects can support the movement of Fibershed and the impact textiles have on land, air, water, labor, and human health.