Proposed Bylaws Changes

At its December 6th 2018 Annual Meeting of the AIA Northern Minnesota membership, changes to the chapter’s bylaws related to the size and composition of the Board of Directors will be considered.

The AIA Northern Minnesota Board of Directors is recommending these changes to “right size” the board in the context of the size of the chapter (just over 100 members). Currently, the size of the Board of Directors requires that approximately 10% of the total AIA Northern Minnesota membership be serving on the Board of Directors at any one time. Over the years, this has made recruitment for board positions challenging. (In contrast, the AIA St. Paul Board of Directors comprises less than 3% of its membership, and the AIA Minneapolis Board of Directors comprises about 1% of its membership.)

Related to the recommended bylaws change to reduce the number of board members, the Board is recommending that the Executive Committee be eliminated, as it has not been utilized in recent memory and would not be necessary in the context of a smaller board.

Northern Bylaws rev10262018