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Vegetative Roofing Systems: Overview and Case Study

This program is co-sponsored by Kline-Johnson & Associates, Inc. and Firestone Building Products. This program is now closed.This program will provide an overview of the features, benefits and considerations needed to execute a high performing vegetative roof assembly. The participant will gain an understanding of the language, technology, construction and civic issues associated with green roof practices. The […]

A 2-Part Seminar and Lunch

Registration now closed Part I: 11:00 am to 12:00 pmWhat’s Behind the Cladding?Air barriers are intended to prevent the movement of moisture-laden air, while vapor retarders retard the amount of moisture moving through a material by vapor diffusion, such as moisture moving through a concrete slab. Vapor retarders are not effective unless installed properly and paired […]

Energy Code Compliance Paths – A COMcheck Case Study and Performance Based Alternatives

Registration is now closed.Contact Deanna Christiansen to inquire about availability.With Minnesota’s 2012 I-codes adoptions, we have the opportunity to use the US Department of Energy’s free COMcheck building energy code compliance software.  This software is one way to prove compliance to prescriptive requirements, and allows some trade-offs.  Depending on your building design and requirements (such as SB2030 […]

Minnesota State Fire Code

Registration is now closed.Questions? Call 612-338-6763 or email Deanna Christiansen. The newly adopted Minnesota State Fire Code will be effective in mid to late-April. This seminar will cover some of the significant changes in the code since the last adoption. Emphasis will be placed on the new code format, construction features, fire protection systems, means of […]

ARE Review – Building Design & Construction Systems – Session 2

Session 2 of 2

ARE Review – Structural Systems – Session 2

ARE Review – Session 2 of 3

ARE Review – Structural Systems – Session 3

ARE Review – Session 3 of 3

ARE Review – Building Design & Construction Systems

Session 1 of 2

NFPA 285: Exterior Wall Requirements and IBC Compliance

Registration is now closed.To inquire about late registration, contact Deanna Christiansen.This presentation will provide an overview of what NFPA 285 testing is and when exterior wall assemblies need to comply with it based on the requirements of the International Building Code. The presentation will review some currently available tested assemblies and how and what to […]

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