The built environment is the human-made landscape that provides the setting for daily life, ranging from buildings and parks to neighborhoods and cities, and includes their infrastructure, such as roads and utilities. It is also the setting in which structures are designed around and in which construction takes place; it is repurposed and renovated for renewed uses, navigated through to carry out construction and interfaced with to add and connect to infrastructure.

The Spring BIMForum will explore how we as Architects, Engineers, and Builders use BIM to create and use data in new and sophisticated ways to improve the methods of designing and constructing structures for and within the Built Environment. Some topics will include:

  • Use of scanning and other digital tools to capture existing conditions
  • Reconciliation of virtual and actual
  • Leveraging analysis of neighborhood environment including daylighting, zoning…
  • Site context constraints and logistics
  • Aligning client expectations
  • Mapping utilities and infrastructure

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