Presentation: Urban Determinants

Viewing our urban fabric without a critical eye, it would be easy to conclude that there is something inevitable or neutral about how things ended up. It’s easy to assume that where a park, a freeway, a grocery store, a housing project, or a police station are situated within our city has resulted from a system of entrepreneurial spirit and natural community building. However, while these forces do have a way of shaping our cities, other, more nefarious forces are also at play. As creators of the built environment, architecture and adjacent disciplines have a responsibility to understand these forces of spatial segregation and discrimination in order to engage more meaningfully with the communities they serve.

Urban Determinants seeks to critically examine the relationship between governance, policy, and space using historical analysis and architectural representations in order to visualize how issues of housing, criminal justice, health, and economy overlap, resulting in systems of oppression that privilege some over others.

Urban Determinants is a group Master’s Final Project for the Master of Architecture Program at the University of Minnesota designed by Ashleigh Grizzell, Erin Kindell, MacKenzie Kusler and Adam Rosenthal and advised by Vahan Misakyan

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