Session 6

Articulating, Building and Leveraging Your Brand

This program is the last of six in the Mastering the Future Business of Architecture series that is designed to address the soft-skills side of our work, or the business of architecture.  This sixth session will focus on brand identity.

Everyone knows the power of brands in their personal lives; the way they influence our purchases and change our perceptions of different experiences. But what about your own brand? Or your firm’s brand? Whether consciously or not, brands form around organizations. The trick is to recognize them and influence them so you can make your brand recognized and valued. This workshop will discuss brands and present a proven design-based process to help companies and individuals articulate their brands. Oh, and it should be a hill of fun as well.

Date, Time, Location

Tuesday, May 19, 2015
8:30 am – 12:00 pm
Ewald Conference Center
1000 Westgate Drive
St. Paul, MN  55114


Includes handout and continental breakfast
AIA members $100
NonMembers $150

Note: You may sign up for the entire series of six for a discounted price.

Continuing education

3.25 LU Hours

Key topics

  • Finding your why – the root of understanding branding
  • The power of branding
  • Brand articulation
  • What works, what doesn’t and why
  • Client and potential client opinions
  • Leveraging your brand and targeting potential clients


Dennis Ryan came to Minneapolis to become the first Chief Creative Officer of Olson after spending over 25 years making stuff up in Chicago. First as a copywriter for Needham Harper & Steers, next as an ECD of J. Walter Thompson and eventually as the Chief Creative Officer of Element 79, he dreamed up ideas for the world’s best-known brands, including Budweiser, Northwestern Mutual, Gatorade, Frito-Lay, Discover Card, Miller Brewing, Harris Bank, Kraft, Nestlé, Nabisco, Target, Supercuts, Alberto Culver, Artistry Cosmetics and wet n wild.

As a creative leader, Dennis draws on his own extensive storytelling experience in top-tier television and radio production—including more than two dozen Super Bowl appearances. Olson’s focus on connection and the communities consumers form for themselves attracted Dennis, introducing a whole new playground for telling stories through filmed, social and experiential content.


The MFBA series is intended for professionals with 10 – 20 years’ experience. You may register for individual sessions or for a discounted price, you may register for the entire series of 6 sessions.
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