How does a community transition from a nineteenth century farming community and county seat to a twenty-first century city? That is the question that Cambridge has asked the Minnesota Design Team to help answer as they start working on a comprehensive plan. Cambridge is located at the intersection of two major highways (State Routes 65 and 95) and has a population of over 8,000. It is located north of the Twin Cities Metro at the outer edge of that commuting/labor shed. There are a number of opportunities and challenges facing Cambridge:

Significant (over 50%) population and housing growth in the last 15 years.
A downtown in need of focus and is bisected by a heavily travelled state highway.
A well-developed community park system incorporating the Rum River and other natural features.
Develop an intentional and comprehensive housing and residential development plan that addresses all needs while improving the quality of life and local economy.
Nearly 70% of the adult workforce work outside of Cambridge.
A planned stop on the proposed Northern Lights Express rail service between the cities and Duluth — how do they capitalize on this?
We are looking to put together a strong multi-disciplinary team to explore these issues and offer Cambridge guidance. We encourage you to volunteer. Team leads are Hans Muessig, Jill Townley, Sara Dunlap, and Stephe Wensman.

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