In this course we will explore Thermally Modified Wood (TMW) as a material for interior and exterior uses. TMW are wood species harvested in a sustainable manner in the United States and subjected to high temperatures to modify the properties and color. TMW is chemical free, has high decay resistance, is more dimensionally stable, and is a renewable, sustainable way to sequester carbon in a useful building material. Due to the darker color of TMW, it has been used as an alternative to many tropical hardwoods in decking and siding applications.

We will discuss what is TMW, how it is made, its sustainability, uses, lessons in specification/application, and take a trip to visit a structure where it has been used.

Speakers will include faculty from the University of Minnesota and Virginia Tech who study TMW properties, industry personnel who manufacture and sell TMW, and architects who have used TMW in projects. The course will include a tour of the Bell Museum, where TMW was used on the exterior of the structure. This course has been approved for 6 LU|HSWs.

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