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A’17 MN – The Minnesota Conference on Architecture
November 14, 15, 16, 17, 2017

Minneapolis Convention Center

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Program Presentations

T2. Residential Energy Code Handout

T3. 3-Design(ing) Experiences – Creating 3D Storytelling the Built Environment

T5. Parapet Wall Design

T7. Autism-Friendly Design: Insights to Promote Optimal Well-Being

T9. Don’t Rain on My Parade: Alernatives to Sprinkling a Building

T10. What Architects Must Know about Masonry Restoration and Preservation

W18. 18-Mid-Century Modern

W22. Friendly Fronts Yards: Creating Community

W24. Energy Modeling for Early Phase Design Collaboration

W27. Designing for Occupant Well-Being with B3 POEs

W28. Rural Design and Urban Design: Healing the Divide

W29. Do-Do’s and Don’ts of Toilet Room Design

W32. The Confluence of Architecture and Game Design

TH39. Dynamic Energy Optimization with Revit and Insight 360

TH47. Demystifying Engineering Jargon

TH51. Placemaking/Placekeeping: Economics and Vernacular Preservation

More to come…


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