How do the tickets work? Can you tour homes in whatever order you choose?

You should bring your ticket to each home you visit and present it to the AIA representative upon arriving at the home. The representative will note your ticket number and will check the box next to the appropriate home on your ticket. There is no need to visit the homes in a particular order.

Where do I park?

Street parking is available at most homes on the tour; the tour program will indicate when other parking situations apply (for instance, when shuttle parking is offered to visitors), and watch for signage posted near homes when parking restrictions are in effect. Carpooling is always encouraged to reduce car traffic on municipal streets and in residential areas.

Can I wear my shoes inside the homes?

No need to remove your shoes before entering the homes, but we do require that you use the shoe covers provided at the entrances. The homeowners appreciate your help in keeping their homes clean and mud-free.

Is photography allowed on the tour?

Photography and videography in the homes is prohibited; please respect the privacy of the homeowners who have graciously opened their homes to the public for two days. Professional photos are posted on the tour website before and after the tour.

Are children allowed on the tour?

Children are allowed to attend the tour; we ask that you remind them to keep their hands to themselves and “look with their eyes.” Children age 5 and older require a ticket.

Can I sit on the furniture?

Please refrain from touching the furniture or personal items that are displayed in each home. A few seats are provided outside at the front entrance where visitors may sit.

Are restrooms available?

Please do not use the restrooms in the homes; the architects, volunteers and AIA representatives would be happy to direct you to the nearest public restroom.

Can I go through the homes more than once?

You may return to a house more than once provided that you present your original ticket upon second entry. Additional tickets – both single-home and full tour – may be purchased either day of the tour at any of the homes.

How do I find an architect?

The architects participating on the tour will be present at the homes to speak with you, answer your questions and provide their business cards. If you’re interested in speaking with them further, we encourage you to call their office and schedule a meeting time!

Check out AIA Minnesota’s Firm Directory, a searchable database that provides information about all member-architect firms, including size of firm and building types.