We invite you to get comfy, settle in, and prepare to be inspired. The 17 projects you’ll see on this tour were each thoughtfully designed by architects in Minnesota in response to the needs of their clients. Each space is meant to reflect the passion, needs, style, and interest of their homeowners. Take your time in each room of these projects and pay attention to the unique design details you’ll encounter. 

Virtual Tour Technology Tutorial

Before you begin touring, watch a brief video below to learn how to make the most of your experience when utilizing the virtual tour technology.

Connect with the Architects!

Wondering about the unique pendant lighting in the kitchen of Home 17? How about the guest house on the grounds of Home 1? Or maybe you’re thinking of starting your own home design project in the future and aren’t sure how to get started.   

You are invited to get up close and personal with the architects who designed these projects. Join us for a series of Live Chat events where we’ll dig in to the projects in more detail, hear the stories behind the homes, and have the chance to ask the questions that arise as you tour the projects. These events are only available to our digital pass holders. Our thanks to Pella Windows & Doors for sponsoring these events.

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Instagram Takeovers

If you aren’t following the tour on social media, now is the time to do it. Several of our architects will be taking over the Homes by Architects Tour Instagram account for a day during the tour to share more about their tour projects. 

How The Virtual Tour Works

Click on a project photo below to enter your first home. From there, you can navigate to the next home using the links you see at the bottom of each page. You can visit the virtual tour as many times as you wish between now and October 10! Simply click the link in your confirmation e-mail to come back to this page and pick up where you left off using the slides below. Content is available 24 hours a day during the two weeks of the tour.

Screen Mirroring
Many smart TVs now allow you to pair your mobile device (Android, iPhone, or iPad) with your television using Bluetooth technology so that you can see the content from your mobile device on a larger screen. Simply download a screen mirroring app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store to try it out. When you pull up the virtual tour on your smartphone or tablet, you can then do your virtual touring on the big screen!