Residential projects designed by a registered architect—or a team where a registered architect is the lead designer—who is a current AIA Minnesota member are eligible. Projects may be new construction, remodels or additions, and must have been completed within the past six years (as of January 1, 2019) or, if new construction, must be scheduled for completion by September 1, 2019.

Projects should exemplify the best qualities of an architect’s work and demonstrate an innovative use of design solutions and/or materials. Due to the nature of the tour, remodeling and addition projects of significant size are preferred.

Submit Your Project

Space remains on the 2019 tour for a limited number of tour projects. If you are interested in submitting a new or remodeled residential project for consideration, please contact Angie McKinley.

Helpful information and links:

Call for Entries Document
Architect Agreement Form
Homeowner Consent Form
Supplier List Form
Frequently Asked Questions about Architect Participation
2019 Tour Timeline and Important Dates

Why Participate in the Tour?

  • Get your work in front of a broad local audience
    The Homes by Architects Tour is promoted through digital, print, television and radio media channels to a broad consumer audience. When your firm participates in the tour you benefit from that broad scale promotion, and you’ll have the chance to speak with hundreds of tour visitors who come through your project during the two days of the tour. 

  • Expand your contact database
    Collect contact information from tour visitors to expand your mailing list and grow your list of potential clients.

  • Help make architecture more accessible, understandable and highly valued
    With this event, AIA Minnesota strives to demonstrate to the public the value of architect-led residential design in our community. Your work helps convey that message.

  • Take advantage of the promotional benefits of the tour
    AIA Minnesota partners with PR firm Nemer Fieger to promote and market the tour regionally and invests $60,000 in print, digital, and radio advertising. 

Questions? Contact Angie McKinley.