DESIGN TEAM: Michael Lee Hanslick, AIA; Jeff Nicholson
PROJECT TYPE: Remodel, Addition
Quartersawn Design Build
Home Sponsor:
Otto Painting Design

Project Location: Minneapolis, MN

The homeowners loved their classic Tudor home in the Cedar Lake area of Minneapolis but felt cut off from the outdoors, and that the spaces they had did not invite them out, provide views, or flow well together.

Placing this “glass box” sunroom in the existing side yard helps to create a more private backyard space, while leaving the porch for more public gatherings. This four-season sunroom is modern, clean, and minimal on the interior, but distinctly Tudor on the outside.

These elements worked in concert to help define a new ipe-wood wall at the deck that will replace the outdoor fireplace, grill, and water fountain features. The new ipe wall acts both as an enclosure for a new grill station and a restrained backdrop for the front yard gathering space. Landscape features and lights were redesigned to provide picturesque views from the sunroom day and night while maintaining privacy from the street.

Inside, the sunroom is tied into the existing house in an elegant way, while the connection to the outdoors is emphasized. Ultimately, a minimal detailing approach was selected to highlight the floor-to-ceiling windows. The opening between the existing house and sunroom is proportioned to frame the Venetian plaster fireplace at the end of the sunroom. Cabinets flank the opening to keep it from feeling oversized, and to provide needed storage space.

The majesty of the original home was enhanced by tying in the new outdoor spaces and seamlessly—yet distinctively—integrating the sunroom. This enables the homeowners and visitors to further connect with the outdoors.

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