DESIGN TEAM: Amro Sallam, AIA; David Dwars; Yousef Oqleh

The design of this modular housing form grew from a collaboration with Chalmers University in Gothenberg, Sweden, to develop a rapidly deployable shelter for Syrian refugees. The house is conceived as a low cost, off-grid, rapidly deployable, durable home shipped in pieces and assembled by the end users.

The Hex House is a revolutionary system by which home design and ownership is made economically and physically accessible to the general public and those who otherwise couldn’t afford it. This project aims, in part, to further the conversation about affordable housing for all and the barriers to attaining housing that is reasonably priced, comfortable, and well-designed.

It can easily be erected by people with no prior construction expertise and with minimal instruction. The basic building components are galvanized tube steel, structural insulated metal panels (SIPs), and can be customized with conventional interior and exterior finishes.

More about the firm
As a group of allied professionals from the United States, Europe, India, and the Middle East, AFS is a non-profit design practice with a mission to enhance the built environment of disadvantaged communities through innovative architecture and design.

Thanks to the following companies who supported this project:

Broadview Builders
Extreme Panel Technologies
Metal Sales
Marvin Windows & Doors
Milaca Building Center

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