In journalism the symbol —30— is often used to mark the end of a story,
but this ain’t the end – no way – just our annual beginning.

Don’t trust anyone over thirty.
Jerry Rubin
After thirty, a body has a mind of its own.
Bette Midler
All that I know I learned after I was thirty.
Georges Clemenceau
The only time you really live fully is from thirty to sixty.
Theodore Roosevelt

Our edifice has proven sturdy,
As LSDR approaches Thirty.
Jerry Rubin wouldn’t trust us,
Midler’s caution aims to bust us,
But Clemenceau and Teddy know,
The best is yet to come…so GO
Through rain or sleet
Perhaps some snow,
To Lake Superior Design Retreat

From FIELDS DIVERSE, she leads her teams. BILLIE FAIRCLOTH, AIA, partner at Kieran Timberlake, CONSPIRES TO ANSWER why we build the way that we do.  Cut from VISIONARY CLOTH, curator, textile artist and advocate for indigenous textile traditions MARY ANNE WISE, co-founder, Cultural Cloth, WISELY WEAVES her stories. Got the yin but have a yen to hear the yang? KAO KALIA YANG, author, activist, teacher, REDEFINES THE MEMOIR as the Song Poet. BORN TO WANDER musically, rapper, singer, essayist, Doomtree CEO, DESSA raps our frosty windows with an ENTREPRENEURIAL EXEGESIS.  WELTED for the well-to-do, PEGGED, CEMENTED just for you, AMARA HARK-WEBER, shoemaker, artist, and educator, shares her artful craft. KATE SUTTON-JOHNSON imagines and invents environmental, exhibit, and STAGE DESIGNS for permanent installations and live events.

FEB 23rd and 24th
Make your plans to head up north
FITGER’S INN is still the place
Three decades as a host with grace,
DULUTH, of course, the Zenith City
Charms us with its nitty gritty.

Written by Bill Beyer, FAIA