Pictured: Jessica Harner, AIA, 2022 Residential Emerging Talent Award recipient. Project photo by Chad Holder.

The Residential Emerging Talent Award (previously the annual Emerging Talent of the Year Award) is given every two years to an emerging residential architect, licensed ten or fewer years, who demonstrates an innovative approach to design, the emergence of a unique architectural voice, and a developing master of architecture. The recipient is selected from among a competitive pool of candidates by a jury of peers.

2022 Residential Emerging Talent Award

AIA Minnesota is pleased to announce that Jessica Harner, AIA, of Christian Dean Architecture, is the recipient of the 2022 award. Jessica will be recognized at the 2022 AIA Minnesota Awards Celebration event in December 6. Read more »

The jury for the 2022 Residential Emerging Talent Award included Ligeia Cholensky, Allied AIAMNJean Rehkamp Larson, AIADoug Bergert, AIAMolly Reichert, Assoc. AIA; and Aarón Regla Bretón, Assoc. AIA, NOMA.

Past Award Recipients

2022  Jessica Harner, AIA
2019  Bob Le Moine, AIA
2018  Jackie Millea, AIA
2017  Jody McGuire, AIA
2016  Bob Ganser, AIA
2015   Michael Roehr, AIA
2014   Christopher Strom, AIA
2013   Ben Awes, AIA
2012   Bryan Anderson, AIA
2011   Meghan Kell Cornell, AIA
2010   Christian Dean, AIA
2009   Kerrik Wessel, AIA
2008   Todd Hansen, AIA
2007   Geoffrey Warner, AIA
2006   Jean Rehkamp Larson, AIA
2005   Christine Albertsson, AIA
2004   Wynne Yelland, AIA