Marketing Director (Part-time)

Post Date: Tuesday, March 19
Job Title: Marketing Director (Part-time)
Organization: UrbanWorks Architecture LLC
Description: If you’re an experienced marketing professional who thrives in a small, fast-paced environment where the hats you wear are multiple, the standards are high, you can proactively explore options and take action….and, you’re ecstatic to find something that meets your desire to work part-time (20-25 hour per week), keep reading!

More of what we’re looking for:
  • You know marketing and brand strategies and have a solid process for proposing the right strategies that support the business needs. You are able to propose ideas in a way that a wide range of staff sees the logic and reduces the subjectivity in opinions.

  • You have an eye for esthetics and design and you have the expertise to ensure the brand is supported visually through managing the right design.

  • Writing – to the tune of different audiences – is something you vigorously take pride in.

  • You are strategic and can drive ideas, but appreciate some limitations when someone else other than you is championing the corporate brand.

  • You understand the challenges managers face in balancing marketing needs with demanding client deliverables. To that end, managers value the well-greased machine you have created to ease their role in supporting marketing efforts.

  • You are a hands-on, roll-up-the-sleeves marketing director who doesn’t require endless resources to support your efforts – you work smart and creatively your output is high and cost-effective.

  • If so far, you’re what we’re looking for, keep reading!

    As the Marketing Director (yes, this is a newly created role) at UrbanWorks, you’ll:
  • Play a crucial role in continuing to build the firms’ reputation in the multi-family housing and urban infill design industry by leading the firm’s marketing, strategic business development and planning, and internal and external communications goals.

  • Continue to develop and grow the firm’s business through focused marketing activities.

  • Increase the firm’s overall effectiveness and return on investment as it relates to business development by creating and implementing sales tracking and reporting, identifying target clients, developing marketing plans and establishing the budget, establishing priorities and ensuring we’re checking off items on our marketing “to-do” list (yep, we all need friendly reminders from time-to-time).

  • Manage the proposal process and deliverable output – bringing great attention to detail, excellent project management skills and that eye for top-notch deliverables.

  • Elevate the firm’s reputation by advising staff in marketing and presentation approaches, establishing opportunities to position our thought-leadership in the industry, and the like.

  • Enhance the firm’s marketing collateral across print, social and web.

  • Support and help drive vitality of client relationships through client appreciation efforts, networking events, and firm representation.

  • Required Experience.
  • You are an experienced marketing professional. You possess 7 to 10 solid years of proven experience with management experience under your belt (and references who can speak to that). And your craft was fine tuned after spending time in the trenches in a corporate role. If you bring experience in a professional services environment, you get extra points. If you have experience in an architectural firm and understand our lingo, double the extra points.

  • You are able to run the entire marketing gamut. You bring a proven track record of creating, leading and shaping all things marketing – from generating proposals, to writing content for the firm’s web site, to developing marketing plans, to representing our firm at a photo shoot, to helping make meaningful connections – you love the variety and have excelled in pulling it all together in a way that is consistent and logically meets the needs of the company.

  • You understand the professional services industry. We’re talking experience working in an architect, engineering, public affairs firms or the like. You are knowledgeable about the work style inside a consulting practice. You may have never designed a 75 unit multi-family unit before, but given a little time you can easily grasp what our firm does and how to articulate it across all facets of marketing and communications. You’re in your comfort zone with this type of business environment.

  • Your company loves you. You’re all about customer service and keeping people in the loop. Because of this and your proven results, you’re indispensable. Your DNA is comprised of collaboration and teamwork. You’ve never been a hermit and thrive in working with a variety of staff, external clients and business partners. You understand the value of bringing people and resources into your efforts. The people you interact with know where to find you, what to expect, and what you need. There’s no guesswork. This is the perfect role and you’re the perfect candidate.

    You’re convinced. This role fits you like a glove and you meet the qualifications we are seeking. To be considered, take time to write us a compelling cover letter as to why you think so and send it along with your resume to
  • Salary:
    Contact Information: Michelle Wood
    Contact Phone: (612) 455-3100
    Contact Email:
    Misc. Info: UrbanWorks Architecture LLC is an innovative midsize (20+ employees) architecture firm that pairs smart design with a unique management process for the success of our clients. Located in the North Loop warehouse district of downtown Minneapolis, we have partnered with leading clients on complex, award-winning projects – many of them comprising multiple buildings and users – for a total of more than 45 design awards and 3,400 living units valued at one half billion dollars in construction value.

    UrbanWorks is committed to creating wonderful places for people to live and work. We believe there is a deep connection between designing great buildings, creating great places, and achieving success for our clients. That conviction drives our practice and our professional staff on a daily basis, enabling us to add value for our clients by delivering superior design using a uniquely focused, highly disciplined process.

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