Operations Research Scientist - Global Supply Mgr

Post Date: Monday, November 18
Job Title: Operations Research Scientist - Global Supply Mgr
Organization: Amazon
Description: Amazon's Global Supply Management Platform (GSMP) is looking for operations research scientists who want to build Amazon's next generation of inventory planning systems. As part of Amazon's Inventory Planning and Control technology group, GSMP designs and builds systems that measure and manage Amazon's supplier capabilities, identify and reacts to supply disruptions, and prioritizes inbound freight for our global network. Our software is used by every country Amazon services, and is a critical link to ensuring the products our customers want are available when they need them. As a Research Scientist in GSMP, you will use your experience to develop new strategies to improve the performance of Amazon's fulfillment systems and our vendor network. Working closely with fellow research scientists and product managers, you will use your experience in modeling, statistics, and simulation to design models of new policies, simulate their performance, and evaluate their benefits and impacts to cost, reliability, and speed of our fulfillment network. Using your analysis you will be present your findings to your peers, and work with product managers to integrate them into our product plans. This position requires superior analytical thinkers, able to quickly approach large ambiguous problems and apply their technical and statistical knowledge to identify opportunities for further research. You should be able to independently mine and analyze data, and be able to use any necessary programming and statistical analysis software to do so. Successful candidates must thrive in fast-paced environments which encourage collaborative and creative problem solving, be able to measure and estimate risks, constructively critique peer research, and align research focuses with the Amazon's strategic needs. - MS in Operations Research, Industrial Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, Computer Science, or similar technical field. - Mastery of statistics and probability, particularly their application in systems analysis and operations research. - Fluency in at least one programming or scripting language (Python, Java, C, C++, etc). - Experience with SQL and Statistical Computing tools (R, SPSS, etc). - Strong problem solving and data analysis skills. - PhD in relevant discipline (see basic qualifications). - 2+ years of related work experience. - Experience with design, application, and optimization of complex logistics software management systems. - Professional experience with inventory planning and supply chain management (forecasting, planning, optimization, and/or logistics). - Excellent written and verbal communication skills. - Experience working with data mining on large datasets (big data). If interested, please apply online at http://track.tmpservice.com/ApplyClick.aspx?id=1984546-2073-9853
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