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Intern Development Program (IDP)
What is IDP?
IDP is a nationally recognized architectural internship program administered by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB). It is required for becoming an architect in Minnesota. The work experience for IDP can occur in many settings and various work conditions. It requires:

  • Starting a Council Record (Form 112-4)
  • Finding a mentor and identifying your supervisor
  • Turning in signed Employment Verification Forms (123-1) every 4 months
  • Completing 5600 (700 Training Units) hours of work in 16 categories
  • 80 hours of community service
  • About 3 1/2 years of full-time work
  • Upon completion of IDP, applying to take the Architect Registration Exam

After NCARB certifies IDP completion, begin taking the ARE. The AIA Minnesota IDP Committee has put together a document outlining the steps through IDP to the ARE.

IDP information on the NCARB website
The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards administers IDP. This website has all the information you need to enroll in the program. Check out their Site Map. Some of the things you can find:

  • IDP Introduction
  • When Can I Begin
  • The IDP Process
  • Training Settings
  • Required Supervision
  • Required Duration
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • IDP Timeline
  • IDP Guidelines and other necessary forms

The New Six-Month-Rule requires interns to submit their training units in periods of no longer than 6 months. Goes into effect July 1, 2009.  Read more about the Six-Month-Rule on the NCARB web site.

NCARB Launches Online Application for NCARB Record
The process to start an NCARB Record just got easier. Interns and architects can now fill out the Application for an NCARB Record to pursue Certification or to begin the Intern Development Program (IDP) online. The new online application will cut the time it takes to establish an NCARB Record down to one week or less. Submitting a paper application is a four-week process. The electronic version of the Application is the first step in changing how NCARB processes and maintains Records for interns and architects. NCARB is already hard at work preparing other forms so they may be completed online to further cut down on process and evaluation times. See IDP and Intern Related Issues on the AIA National Web Site
AIA is responsible for disseminating information on IDP. You will find information on getting licensed including the following:

Intern Development Program (IDP)

Architect Registration Exam (ARE)

AIA Emerging Professionals Companion

The Emerging Professional's Companion is now online and free to all AIA members to access. This valuable AIA resource was launched in August 2004 to provide a comprehensive professional development tool for emerging architecture professionals. The Companion is intended to help the AIA and NCARB accomplish the following:
  • Support interns in the IDP process, particularly in gaining credit
  • Encourage emerging professionals to develop practice competence through design excellence and innovation
  • Increase support, involvement, and mentoring of firms, supervisors and mentors
  • Allow for greater personalization of experience within a reliable structure
  • Create a resource that is stimulating, affordable, flexible, readily available, and easy to update
How to Get IDP Credit for Continuing Education
  • AIA Continuing Education Credit
      Supplementary Education is a way to earn IDP training units outside of your normal work in a firm or other recognized training setting. You can earn IDP training units by completing AIA-approved continuing education programs and resources, such as at an AIA Convention, or formal programs conducted by your local AIA component.

      An AIA CES transcript must accompany IDP training reports to document completion of programs. Interns who are not members of the AIA can also get IDP credits for AIA CES. You will need an "identification number" to fill in for an AIA membership number. To get an identification number, visit AIA CES Records.

  • Check your AIA CES Transcript and get a printout
      Enter your AIA membership ID number and print your transcript, attach it to your IDP Employment Verification Form.

  • Current AIA Minnesota CES Offerings
IDP Contacts
  • AIA Minnesota IDP Committee

      Presents informational programs on IDP and offers ARE review classes.
      Meg Parsons, AIA, MN State IDP Coordinator and IDP Committee Co-chair, 612-379-5531
      Mandi Tauferner, Assoc. AIA, IDP Committee Co-chair, 612-789-2800
      Deanna Christiansen, AIA MN Staff Liaison - 612-338-6763


  • National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB)
    Administers the Intern Development Program or 202-783-6500


  • AIA National
      State Relationships:
      Responsible for implementing IDP within each state.
      Jaclyn Toole , Assoc. AIA, Emerging Professionals Director
      AIA National Associates Committee (NAC):

      The NAC is an AIA committee that has Regional Associate Directors from all 18 AIA regions. The committee is committed to intern and emerging professional issues.
      Tu-Anh Bui, Assoc. AIA, North Central States Regional Associate Director

Connections Beyond IDP

ArchVoices - The Young Architects Connection

Email newsletter on national intern issues. Subscribe at the website. The website has back issues and a host of information on intern related issues.


Architectural Record's new emerging architects website. The first time you go to this site you will need to register. Then choose Architectectural Record from the "Our Sites" drop down menu.

Information for Internationally Educated Architects

        Helps international interns and architects get their education verified. Call NAAB at 202-783-2007. Educational Evaluation Services for Architects (EESA)

        University of Minnesota – Architecture Program (CDes)

          The School of Architecture in the College of Design at the University of Minnesota is the only accredited architecture school in Minnesota. At the School of Architecture website you can find out the following information:
          Programs and degrees offered
          Facilities and faculty
          Student organizations
          Current events
          Mentor Program
          Design Institute

AIA Minnesota Resources

Fall 2012 ARE Reviews

Emerging Professionals Committee (EPC) tours and seminars

    Formally the Young Architects Forum, (YAF), & The Associates Committee, Emerging Professionals Committee, (EPC), aims to serve a wide range of individuals in various stages of their professional development. The EPC’s objective is to engage Associate members and Architects within their first ten years of licensure through programs and activities that encourage membership, participation, and leadership in the Chapter.

    EPC, an AIA MN Committee, conducts tours of architecture sites, both under construction and after completion. This is a good way to get on-site observation experience for IDP credit. EPC also presents seminars and social events. EPC also has a juried art/architecture/furniture design/photography exhibit - Dimensions - each fall at the AIA MN Convention. Check out the EPC link for current or future events.

IDP/ARE Presentations at firm

The AIA MN IDP Committee makes presentations at firm offices to interns and mentors about the IDP process and the ARE (Architecture Registration Exam).
Periodically, an IDP information seminar is held for those interns not associated with a firm or from a firm with less than 6 interns. Email Deanna Christiansen for more information.

To request a presentation at your firm, email Meg Parsons.

IDP/ARE Presentations at schools

      The AIA MN IDP Committee makes presentations to architecture students to introduce the concept of IDP and inform them of the MN state licensing requirements for architects.

      To request a presentation at your school, email Meg Parsons.