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Healthcare Project Architect

Posted Wednesday, December 1


JLG Architects




You know so much about healthcare delivery that your friends call you Doc. Where others draw the Parthenon, your sketchbook is filled with OR suites and maternity wards. You crush deadlines, and you’re such a great multi-tasker that you’re reading this while tuning up your motorcycle. You want to transform the healthcare industry and work with some of the most creative, fun, and progressive people in our industry, and eat chocolate-covered potato chips. Guess what? We have the job for you.

JLG Architects is seeking a Healthcare Project Architect. Not just any professional, mind you. A JLG Healthcare Project Architect: – Is driven to continuously improve the healthcare environment… A JLG Healthcare Architect knows healthcare and medical architecture like the dorsal of their metacarpal. – …Both on- and off-stage. A JLG Healthcare Architect works to build healthier, more efficient, and more effective healthcare delivery systems that benefit both patients and providers. – Designs, Educates, Leads. A JLG Healthcare Architect serves as the program and design specialist for all JLG medical work and safeguards the brand by providing oversight for all work completed by the JLGmed Division.

A few more attributes of a future JLGer: – You need to be an experienced healthcare architect. You need at least 6 years of post-graduate experience in the planning, design, documentation, and construction of healthcare projects, including clinical and acute care environments, medical planning, and master planning. – The acronyms NFPA, LEAN, and EDAC mean something to you. You understand clinician workflow and have exposure to process improvement activities and productivity systems such as LEED AP or WELL AP.

– You know what it means to be a leader. Your “can-do” outlook and willingness to do what it takes garners the respect and confidence of your peers and project team. You stick to your budgets and schedules, period. You communicate. “Organized” is your middle name. – You are ready to apply.

Visit and suit up for the first day of the rest of your life.