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Project Coordinator

Posted Friday, August 9






Project Coordinator Job Description

Coen+Partners is a highly collaborative design studio that is actively working to push the boundaries of the Landscape Architecture practice. We empower our team to develop design solutions that push beyond best practices, addressing a wide range of civic issues through innovative process, design strategies, and implementation. Our work is rigorous, mission-driven, and constantly evolving.

As part of our evolution, we are seeking a specialized design-phase project manager with experience designing and deploying operational systems and facilitating effective communication across multi-disciplinary teams. Candidates may range from early-career to senior-level experience. This position is for a full time or long-term contract position in support of a major international landscape urbanism project, including a city-wide cycling and pedestrian mobility network and a 22-mile redevelopment corridor that includes highway removal, detailed design of more than 1,000 acres of urban park and recreation space, multiple transit-oriented development districts, comprehensive green and blue infrastructure, and an integrated health and wellness program.

Candidates must be passionate about organizational rigor and creative, proactive problem-solving. Candidates must be excellent communicators and strategic thinkers, self-motivated and highly systematic.

Preferred candidates will have the following attributes:
• 5-20 years of design experience
• Experience overseeing and driving the design process of multi-disciplinary teams on a range of project sizes
• Ability to mentor and develop staff across all skill levels
• Discipline and confidence in managing and coordinating complex projects with multiple team members and stakeholders
• Desire and ability to travel internationally
• Fluency in Arabic is not required, but beneficial

Responsibilities will include:
• Manage and track the scope, schedule, and budget for all areas of the project
• Develop and maintains systems for coordination, reporting, documentation, and invoicing
• Work with the Design Director to facilitate communication across all project teams
• Coordinate site visits, meeting times, coordination calls and client check-ins
• Coordinate with subconsultants, and project cost manager
• Work with the Project Director to coordinate weekly progress reporting to design teams and client for all areas of the project
• Coordinate documentation standards across the design team
• Coordinate the collection and distribution of data, decisions, and actions across the design team and the Client for all areas of the project
• Work with the Contract Manager and Financial Director to develop and maintain invoicing systems, ensuring efficient processing and payment
• Travel to partner offices and to the project site every 6-8 weeks to meet with the Client and coordinate with stakeholders
• Use technology, systems development, and process design to improve quality and efficiency of project delivery

Applications should include the following:
• A cover letter that describes your specific interests in the project management and coordination within the AEC industry, your background, and your long-range career goals
• A resume that clearly identifies past experience and education (academic and professional)
• A portfolio or narrative of key past projects, identifying for each project your specific role in each stage, the scale and nature of the project, and key lessons learned from the project.


Amy Speckien