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Project Coordinator

Posted Friday, December 6


MN WI Playground




Job Summary: Work directly with all applicable parties to ensure maximum project profitability is sustained while exceeding customer’s expectations by managing all aspects of project construction as outlined herein and as needed. Coordinate with other MWP personnel from project inception to completion to ensure all phases of each project are harmonized and fulfill project scope.
o Learn and use web-based Customer Relations Management (CRM) program as needed to be able to reference customer data, quotes for project scope/terms and conditions, etc.
o Learn and use SmartSheet software, or similar, to improve construction stages of projects
 Improve install calendar
 Create and implement detailed Gantt calendar template for each project and/or
overall calendar
 Maintain install calendar
 Develop and utilize other Smartsheet abilities not currently being taken advantage of
o Learn agency product lines
o Learn competitor products and strategies
o Learn industry standards, guidelines, and applicable certifications
 Any other local / regional / state considerations
o As requested, participate in preliminary and/or planning stages of RFP/bid/negotiated projects to help establish project scope criteria
o Work with sales admin to supply project info needed for any
o Review project scope criteria at time of order entry to ensure plan of action is created and implemented
o Organize install crews schedule and utilize strengths of those crews to maximize profitability and proficiency
o Coordinate and schedule various requirements for project such as, but not limited to:
 Site readiness
 Work by us
 Work by others
o Excavation
o Border
o Access
o Staging
o Other
Coordinate and schedule various requirements for project such as, but not limited to: (cont’d)
 Delivery of project materials
 Play equipment
 Shelter
 Shade
 Playground surfacing
 Aggregate
 Other
 On site needs
 Dumpster
 Border, if not included in play equipment delivery
 Other site work, besides play equipment related install
o Excavation
o Concrete
o Restoration
o Other
Secondary expectations (as backup to existing personnel)
o Learn and use proprietary GTCAD software in the most proficient manner and be able to configure:
 Plan/top views
 For equipment
 For play area
 Footing plans
 Elevations
o Be able to perform task of utility locates for projects
o Gather and provide installation documents via established file sharing process/procedure whether in electronic format or using hard copies


Harlan Lehman and Eric Denning