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Senior Medical Planner

Posted Monday, July 29




St. Paul


If you are looking for more than just great work, we’d enjoy meeting you and talking. You can apply online at
BWBR is an architectural and interior design firm with a diverse practice and history dating back to the 1920’s.Our largest market segment is health care and we have an opening for a medical planner in our office in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

As the ideal team member, you will bring creativity, integrity, and energy to the position. In a work environment that encourages collaboration, you will approach your work with a positive spirit, and are able to juggle multiple priorities and balance both short-term deadlines with long-term projects.

If you share BWBR’s mission and values, have the ability to thrive in a team environment, have excellent verbal and written communication, and organizational skills, you are someone who possesses the attributes we are looking for.

Your qualifications will include:
• Knowledge of Revit, Sketch-Up, Excel, and PowerPoint advantageous
• Excellent planning and design skills
• Understanding of building systems and their implications on planning
• Professional architecture degree
• 7 to 10 years of Medical Planning experience (see details below)

BWBR Medical Planning Role Topics:

Healthcare Practice Issues
1. Awareness of relevant trends in:
• Health care practice and policy
• Technology
• Marketplace
• Health care delivery models
• Industry standards, benchmarks, and metrics
2. Understanding of acronyms, terminology and other jargon used in health care.
3. Understanding of health care workflow issues and their impact on medical planning.
4. Understanding of the specific needs of different facility types.
• Large Urban Hospital vs. Regional Hospital
• Critical Access Hospital
• Ambulatory Care Center
• Clinic
• New construction and renovation
5. Understands key planning issues for major departments/areas.
• Inpatient Units
• Surgery
• Emergency
• Medical Imaging
• Laboratory
• Pharmacy
• Behavioral
• Clinics
• Administration
• Support Services
6. Have knowledge of licensing, regulations and working with state department of health in Minnesota and other states. Familiarity with various states a plus.
• Life Safety Code
• AIA/FGI Guidelines
• The Joint Commission
• State policies/requirements
7. Ability to generate innovative planning with emerging models of care.
8. Ability to understand planning implications on our clients’ operational and billing strategies.
9. Fundamental understanding of Lean and operational practices, and participation in clients’ 3P events.

1. Facilities Programming
• Room-by-room space programming
• Develop functional description
• Departmental net-to-gross ratios
• BGSF ratios
2. Capacity and Utilization Analysis
3. Research, reference, and maintain regional and national benchmarks

Master planning
1. Identify project goals, objectives and key drivers
2. Generate innovative and flexible planning solutions
3. Site Assessment
4. Building Assessment
5. Site/Facility Master plan
• Identify expansion opportunities/constraints
• Develop logical and cost-effective phasing strategies
• Establish clear internal and external circulation patterns
• Develop alternate scenarios for physical solutions
• Prepare planning diagrams by hand and by utilizing computer programs
• Help establish infrastructure strategies
• Determine project phasing and schedule
• Assist preparation of project budget
6. Integrate planning solutions with design concepts

Healthcare Design
1. Facilities planning/design
• Confirm program requirements for departments and common areas
• Establish interdepartmental relationships and vertical/horizontal adjacencies
• Design/plan circulation, structural and infrastructure concepts
• Design/plan building flexibility and future expansion options
• Assist with code research and emerging regulations
• Coordinate medical planning with site and building design
2. Departmental Planning/design
• Design/plan intradepartmental circulation
• Determine functional adjacencies/synergies of spaces
• Develop room data sheets for all functional spaces
• Develop plan layouts for primary activity spaces
• Help develop interior elevation studies of above spaces
• Coordinate with equipment planning (as required)
• Help identify/prepare mock-ups of key patient care spaces
• Coordinate functional planning with building design

1. Assist preparing presentations to administration, physician groups, hospital boards, governmental adjacencies and other key stake holders.
2. Present options, discern feedback, and help develop consensus.
3. Lead user group meetings and prepare project memo documenting key decisions and outstanding issues.
4. Diagram ideas and solutions in fast-paced, real-time settings with healthcare personnel.
5. Assist with in-house continuing education program and one-on-one mentoring.
6. Assist with marketing presentations and interviews.

BWBR pays close attention to individual strengths and is committed to continually cultivating growth opportunities for our staff. BWBR also believes a healthy work culture is a culture that promotes health and wellness beyond your work.

You will be eligible for a comprehensive benefits program as well as a profit sharing and 401(k) salary deferral plan.