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Undergraduate Intern

Posted Thursday, August 26


TEA2 Architects



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TEA2 Architects is looking for an intern with an undergraduate degree in architecture who would like to work in high-end residential design. Our firm of 23 individuals provides great opportunities for first-hand experience in a team-oriented setting.

Work is in a wide variety of areas, such as supporting Project Managers/Designers on project-related design and technical work, learning software to create, communicate, and coordinate the work, assisting our Principal with administrative and marketing duties and projects, and other miscellaneous office tasks. This variety of duties provides in-depth exposure to the wide range of tasks/ skills involved in the profession.

We are looking for an individual holding an undergraduate degree in architecture who is planning to take at least one year off before going back to graduate school. Start date is flexible. This is a full-time position, though temporary part-time status may be considered for candidates who will be graduating from an undergraduate program this spring.

Please submit your resume and portfolio (portfolio not to exceed 15 pages) as a pdf. With your materials, please include all of the following information: • Undergrad GPA • Possible start date • Date of graduation (if not yet done with undergrad) • Anticipated date of return to grad school. 

Contact Information: Chloe Sackett Contact Phone: 612.929.2800 (Ext 32) Contact Email: TEA2 Architects is a residential architecture firm located in historic Fire Station 28 in Linden Hills — a vibrant southwest Minneapolis neighborhood.

We’re the second generation of one of the most experienced residential firms in Minnesota. Since our start over 40 years ago, our focus has been on the creation of custom homes and renovations: exquisitely designed, thoroughly detailed, beautifully livable custom homes and renovations.

We’ve created sought-after homes for clients across North America, with projects in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arizona, Alabama, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, South Dakota Ohio and British Columbia. Our well-managed team of 20+ professionals works collaboratively.

Sharing, debate, ongoing refinement, and continued education drive us to elevate our process as individuals and as a team, and cultivate an uncommon level of creative energy that enriches each and every home we create.

If you’ve seen our work, you know we don’t have a specific “style”. Instead, we draw inspiration from historical and modern sources, reinterpreting them for modern living, translating our clients’ hopes and dreams into fresh, imaginative and timeless homes.

Our thoughtful, environmentally sensitive and innovative design has become its own hallmark, garnering a great deal of national recognition. But what pleases us even more? Homeowners who are absolutely thrilled with their homes and who appreciate them more and more with each passing year.

The personal investment in the architectural process involved on our end and from our clients as the end user creates a very rewarding professional environment in which to work.


Chloe Sackett