SALA Architects
Design Team: 
David Wagner, AIA, LEED AP; Marta Snow, AIA
Project Type: Remodel
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Home Sponsor: Welch Forsman Associates

Project Story

This 1963 home, originally designed by St. Paul architects Herbert B. Crommert and Associates, needed thoughtful design work to make it livable for a modern couple without diminishing its midcentury aesthetic. A clunky renovation of the kitchen years prior made the space cramped, dark, and out of sync with the rest of this midcentury home. The clients desired a remodel that resonated with the strong architectural character of their home. Primary colors were used throughout the new design work to play off of the original bright red accents of the home.

Each design decision carefully considered how it would both provide the owners with the function they needed while complementing and preserving the modern character of the home. This can be seen in the selection of a light gray wash to the kitchen cabinetry which provides a brighter space, while also visually connecting to the grain pattern of existing darker stained woodwork and the original rough sawn cedar double height accent walls. It is also found in the use of thin black steel accents in the library shelving as well as the powder room sink supports derived from the existing stair rail.

Collaboration with local artist Eileen Cohen led to a visually stunning two-story ceramic art installation that grounds the living room space. Placement of the ceramic pieces adjacent to the floor-to-ceiling glass window allows for an ever-changing play of light and shadow.

Photo Gallery

Click on a thumbnail image to see a full-size view. All “After” photos by Corey Gaffer.


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