Invest in the Minnesota Architects Political Action Committee Today!

  • AMPLIFY the voice of the architect at the Capitol and join your individual voice to the voices of 2,300 Minnesota architects in advocacy on our issues.
  • Donations are an important tool to help AIA Minnesota BUILD relationships with policymakers before they are needed.
  • Relationships help ADVANCE policy in areas that matter to architects: climate change, affordable housing, equity, livable communities, and more.
  • Relationships help LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD with other interests who threaten our profession and who are well-represented at the Capitol and have well-funded PACs.

Your MAPAC dollars help position Minnesota architects as the voice of the design and construction industry by positively impacting the relationship with the legislature.

Invest in MAPAC

If you are interested in setting up a recurring annual contribution, please email MAPAC to be connected with staff to set up automatic recurring deductions.  

Frequently Asked Questions about MAPAC

Don’t my dues cover advocacy work by AIA Minnesota? Why does AIA Minnesota need a PAC?

Member dues fund both staff and lobbyist support for AIA Minnesota’s advocacy on behalf of the architecture community. Another essential tool of influence – one that most private sector associations use heavily – is PAC money, which cannot be supported by member dues. The dollars invested in MAPAC allow the architecture community to get into rooms that would otherwise be closed to us, to build relationships with legislators before we need their help, and, overall, to amplify our voice at the Capitol. Member investment in MAPAC also makes strong relationships stronger. Others in the building and real estate industry have recognized these realities for years, and their PAC-fueled influence at the Capitol reflects this understanding.


How are MAPAC dollars distributed? What are they used for?

MAPAC dollars allow us to attend caucus fundraisers for both major political parties. Attendance at caucus events allows AIA Minnesota members to connect with many legislators at one event, which is highly efficient, and to build our reputation as trusted experts on issues important to members and to Minnesota communities. As MAPAC grows, we plan to also support legislative leaders on key committees and in other leadership roles, bolstering relationships with those who most influence decision-making.


Creating relationships, building trust, and growing the perceived value of the architecture community is invaluable to the success of our work on individual bills and parts of our legislative agenda each session. We are already seeing success when we pair our advocacy work with the relationships created through MAPAC-funded opportunities to connect.


What if I’m already doing advocacy work on my own?

Great! We encourage you to continue to advocate for the policy issues that are important to you, and to build your own relationships with your elected representatives as a citizen architect. Our role at the Capitol as your professional association is to advocate for a platform that advances the profession, and MAPAC helps us do that effectively. When individual effort is combined with association effort, our voice is amplified and our impact increases. Know, too, that your experience as a citizen architect – or your interest in becoming one – is valued at AIA Minnesota and there are many advocacy efforts that you can join through our committees. Reach out to the AIA Minnesota staff team to learn more.


How much do I have to invest in MAPAC to be effective?

Every dollar invested in MAPAC helps AIA Minnesota build the relationships it needs to be effective on your behalf, and more and more AIA Minnesota members are answering the call to invest. We urge you to do so at the level that feels appropriate for you based on your commitment to our AIA Minnesota legislative agenda, which focuses on making Minnesota’s communities and built environments the best they can be, and giving architects the tools they need to succeed as a profession.


Invest in MAPAC

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