AIA Minnesota Job Bank

Have an architecture-related job opening? Post it on the AIA Minnesota Job Board

Whether you’re seeking a job or looking to hire new staff, the AIA Minnesota Job Bank is here for you.


  • AIA Minnesota reviews all job openings prior to posting them online. Job openings that are approved will be related to the field of architecture. We are not able to give notification to the submitter when a job opening is not approved.
  • We encourage employers to list a salary/compensation range for positions. Listing salary information makes it clear what’s in the offer.
  • Please only hit click on the submit button one time to avoid duplicate postings. If multiple postings of the same position are submitted, every effort will be make to only post the last submission. Do not submit the same job under multiple categories.
  • All postings automatically are set to expire after 30 days. If you know that your position closes on a specific date, you may manually enter that date into the posting expiration field.
  • We do our best to make job posting approvals within one business day (24 hours), there may be exceptions to this time frame. Thank you for your patience.

We also recommend visiting the AIA Career Center.