In keeping with our mission to advance a vital profession and our strategic priority of building and mentoring the profession, the AIA Minnesota Board of Directors created a special task force in the spring of 2023. Prompted by recent expansion of options to promote licensure from NAAB for architects and the Minnesota licensing board for landscape architects, the task force was asked to explore potential licensure paths that do not require a NAAB-accredited degree, and creating recommendations to share with the Board, AIA Minnesota members, and the Minnesota Board of AELSAGID (the licensing board).

The task force, made up of members from several key stakeholder groups, reviewed the pathways in the 17 states that allow a licensure path without a NAAB-accredited degree, as well as resources from NCARB related to licensure options, and developed a recommendation that has been approved in draft form by the AIA Minnesota Board of Directors.

The Task Force Recommendation (in draft form) is as follows:

A Town Hall meeting was held on September 19 to give members an opportunity to provide feedback on the recommendation, and was recorded for members to view. View the recording ยป

The period for accepting feedback has expired.