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Building Community Exhibition

The 15th Annual Building Community Exhibition opens September 24-25, in the IDS Crystal Court, 701 Nicollet Mall, in Minneapolis.

Understanding Poly-Ash Trim

An examination of the new Poly-Ash category of exterior trim products as it relates to other types of trim, specifically around the areas of installation, longevity, maintenance and sustainability. 1 learning Unit Hour HSW Credit Only 20 spots available, RSVP to greg.larson@boral.comCutoff for registration is Monday, September 22

Minneapolis Idea eXchange

Welcome to the Minneapolis Idea eXchange: The Power of Ideas Registration with 2025 MiX! From our vibrant business community to our growing nonprofit and entrepreneurial sectors, Minnesota was founded on innovation and our economy continues to be powered by risk takers and individuals who are willing to think big. Join us on Thursday, Oct 2 […]

Architecture in Play: Intimations of Modernism in Architectural Toys By Tamar Zinguer, Associate Professor, Cooper Union

During the last two hundred years, architectural toys have echoed full-scaleexperimentations, reflecting stylistic inclinations and incorporating technological changes in their ‘systems of construction.’ Designed by adults for children, these toys—Froebel Blocks, Meccano, Erector Sets and others—have presented an intersection between generations and a meeting point between pedagogy and means of production. This lecture explores how […]

Rereading MA: Japanese Space/Time By Ken Tadashi Oshima, Associate Professor, University of Washington

This lecture explores the vicissitudes of the conception of “MA” before and afterthe exhibition curated by Arata Isozaki held between 1978-80 (Paris, NY, Houston,Chicago, Stockholm and Helskinki). While this interdisciplinary exhibition presented the artistic culture of Japan through the unifying concept of “MA: Space-Time” as a basic organizational principle found in Japanese painting, photography, theater, […]

Vision and Crime By Jon Yoder, Associate Professor, Kent State University

The designs of Los Angeles architect John Lautner (1911-1994) appear sofrequently in popular media that he has been called the most famous unknown architect in America. This lecture analyzes depictions of his buildings in photography, film andtelevision to expose the surprisingly widespread anti-ocular bias that still influences architectural design and theory. Learn more and register […]

Engaging Autonomy By Sarah Whiting, Dean, the Rice School of Architecture

“Engaging Autonomy” addresses the topic of how architecture can be at once singular and also engaged within a context (understood as interdisciplinarity but also as physical context). Whiting will address this topic through readings of historical and contemporary examples, including projects from her own practice, WW, based in Houston, Texas. Learn more and register at […]

Homes by Architects Tour Kick-off Party

Tour architects, sponsors, homeowners and committee gather to celebrate the start of the 7th annual tour!

AIA Northern Annual Meeting

AIA St. Paul Annual Meeting