Bring your own bag lunch to this session and hear what two architects who have recently taken and passed the exam have to say about their experience. Hear how they studied and what study materials they used; their thoughts behind the order in which they took the exams; the process for scheduling and about how long each step of the process took; what the testing center was like and tips for taking the exam on the computer. Take advantage of this opportunity to ask questions and get answers that will help your process be smooth and less stressful.

Additionally, a member of the Architects Licensing Advisory Committee will provide a brief overview of the transition of the ARE from 4.0 to 5.0 and be available to answer questions.

Claire Lonsbury, AIA, is an architect at DLR Group. Claire completed the 4.0 exams in 2016. She is secretary of the AIA Minnesota Board, co-chair of the AIA Minnesota Housing Advocacy Committee, and a member of the Architects Licensing Advisory Committee.

Kaitlin Schalow, AIA, Wold Architects and Engineers, is the recipient of the AIA Minnesota 2016 ARE Scholarship. She started taking the exams and completed and passed all sections of the 4.0 ARE in 2016.

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