November 10-13, 2015

Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, MN

Thank you!

If we go simply by the number of attendees, last week’s Convention was one of our most successful ever: 1,450 registered to attend Convention programs.

But we know there’s more to a successful event than volume of attendees; it’s about your experience – and how well that experience achieved your objectives. We need your help to learn all we can from the 2015 Convention in order to make future conventions even more relevant and impactful for you. We are committed to learning from your comments and taking action.

Clicking on the following link will bring you to the questions we most need your help in answering. Please take a few minutes to do so while recollections of your Convention experience are still fresh in your mind.

Carl T. Gray’s “visual notetaking”

We hope you will enjoy the “visual notetaking” featured below that Carl T. Gray, AIA, has been doing at our Conventions for many years – a fun way to capture session themes that might inspire the “creative disruption” of your own notetaking approach!

Thank you Carl for sharing these beautiful sketches!