When the homeowners of Home 1 “Robinsons Bay” approached Aulik Design Build to remodel their house, it was soon revealed through conversations that their current house could not meet their needs. The design team and homeowners pivoted to a new property and expanded their vision for the house.

One of the client’s requirements didn’t change, however: energy efficiency. And how would this be achieved? Through pursuing the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)’s Zero Energy Ready Homes certification.

Ed VonThoma, the third-party “Green Rater” (certifier) who worked with the design team, says “The DOE Zero Energy Ready Home program provides a framework for builders to provide benefits that all homeowners want but don’t often verbalize. Homes that are more durable, healthier, with increased comfort and efficiency. Only a select group of the country’s top builders meet this extraordinary level of excellence.”

With their experience designing, building, and managing sustainable design and meeting LEED and GreenStar standards, the design team was easily able to dive right in to meet the program’s requirements.

The new site included both a main house and a guest house. The guest house could be renovated to meet the homeowner’s sustainability standards, but it was clear by the condition of the main house that it would need to be torn down and rebuilt with an efficient, durable shell and a foundation above the Ordinary High Water Mark. The home also features an energy-efficient Structural Insulated Roof (SIP) system, continuous exterior insulation, triple-glazed windows, and a low-maintenance exterior. On-site stormwater capture mitigates the impact of stormwater runoff into the nearby lake.

The numerous power outages common in the area during summer storms were also considered in the design. Instead of an on-site generator, a solar array was incorporated, which eliminates electric bills and provides emergency power during outages.

“When we discussed which green building program we would use for this project, it quickly became clear that it would be the DOE’s Zero Ready Home Program,” says Charlie Peterson, Assoc. AIA, LEED Homes AP, senior project designer of the home. “While we have been designing and building homes for years with energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and durability in mind, this program gave us the extra nudge to promote and employ on-site renewable energy. As a result, the home will produce more electricity than it uses. In addition, the continuous insulation, SIP roof, and triple-glazed windows will further reduce the home’s energy consumption.

“As responsible owners, architects, designers, builders, and manufacturers strive to reduce their impact on our environment, the Zero Energy Ready Program helped us provide our client a home they can be proud of.”

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