“Race to Renewables”: Race against time to take urgent climate action through the use of renewable energy.

Join the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) for their annual conference, this year held in Minneapolis.

ASES—a six decade-old community of researchers, technology innovators, and practitioners working to develop and apply renewable energy sources—is, for the first time, focusing its annual conference on using renewable energy to take urgent climate action that will lead to carbon-free electricity, transportation, and building energy use within the next 20 years. 

ASES represents the scientists, educators, and activists who can provide renewable energy technologies and solutions for climate action in the United States that will have an impact within the next five years. The ASES SOLAR 2019 Conference will focus on those strategies.

The door for impacting climate change is rapidly closing. ASES intends to be a loud voice to follow the lead of states and cities across the country to decarbonize the nation’s electricity supply and make an impact while that door is still open. We are in a race against time, and ASES believes we can win that race.

The ASES SOLAR 2019 Conference will be held in one of the leading states for taking climate action, Minnesota. Minnesota has enacted climate policies that have provided leadership in the growth of wind power, solar power, community solar, variable generation integration technologies, energy efficient buildings and electrifying the transportation sector. But the strategies and solutions that will be presented at the conference ca—and must—be implemented across the country.  Minnesota is pleased to host this important conference on taking climate action.

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