A valuable training event for industry newcomers and experienced professionals alike! Topics to be covered include site visit documentation, basic PPE and OSHA overview.

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The Basic Training for Design Professional Site Visits is offered as a source of important information for the members of MNSEA and the design profession. This training session is a 3.5-hour session covering the basic site visit protocols in detail. This training is an excellent course for engineers, architects and other design professionals going to a jobsite and/or responding to an emergency. It is a solid source of training for design professionals who have not been formally trained to go into the field and a solid refresher for those who have previous experience in site visits. The training session provides a one-stop source for design professionals to acquire what they need to know to safely enter a site and help identify “what they do not know” for conditions of any complexity. Please join us for this valuable event.

Contact: Jordan Hurst