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Over roughly a ten-year period, the City of St. Paul worked with Ford Motor Company and area stakeholders to establish the Ford Site Zoning and Public Realm Master Plan for the former manufacturing plant in Highland Park to guide the future redevelopment of the site.  The Master Plan established six new zoning districts, provided the framework for the future public right-of-way and open spaces, provided guidance for private site design, and established development requirements for a Master Developer to bring the new mixed-use development to life. 

In 2019, Ryan Companies purchased the 122 acre property from Ford.  As the Master Developer of the Ford Site, Ryan brought forth a forward-thinking, mixed use development plan that includes a mix of housing, retail, office, and open space, and is closely aligned with the City’s approved Master Plan. The Ryan Development Plan includes redevelopment of the 122 acre Ford Site parcel and is expected to develop approximately 150,000 SF of Retail, 265,000 SF of Office, 50,000 SF of Civic/Institutional, and 3,800 units of residential including 1-6 unit homes, condominiums, senior housing, affordable housing, multifamily housing, along with over 50 acres of public right of way and open space as well as the preservation of two little league ball fields.  The Redevelopment Agreement (RDA) and Site Improvement Performance Agreement (SIPA) between the City and Ryan to deliver the development and the required project infrastructure was also executed in 2019.  The Ford Site project was recently renamed as the Highland Bridge development and construction is underway on the Phase 1 infrastructure as well as the first private site development project which includes a mixed commercial and residential project.

Learning objectives:
– List three of the sustainable practices included at the Highland Bridge Development.
– Describe the public/private partnership between the City of St. Paul and Ryan Companies.
– Describe the difference between the Parks and Civic spaces within the development.
– Describe the benefit of the District-Wide Stormwater Management System over providing stormwater management on each individual development site.

Speaker: Anthony Adams, Civil Engineer – Ryan A+E, Inc.

This course has been submitted to AIA CES for continuing professional education and is pending final approval of credits. 

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