Please join the Friends of the Minneapolis Institute of Art on December 10 as they bring you Sam Olbekson, AIA, and “Cultural Expression in Architecture as a Means to Community Building.”

Is architecture more than good design? Should architects address societal issues like equity and sustainability?

Sam Olbekson, AIA, is Principal of Native American Design at Cuningham Group and Founder of Full Circle Indigenous Planning. He has spent more than 20 years working with Native American clients on culturally significant planning and design. Sam brings the perspective of a member of the White Earth Nation of Ojibwe who grew up in Native communities. He believes that design, health, equity, culture, community, economic opportunity are all inextricably linked. Good architecture takes these all into account. As an architect, he sees his role as place-maker with a vision of an equitable and just future.

Tickets are available for Friends members on November 15 and the general public on November 17.

A Mark and Mary Goff Fiterman lecture.

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