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This program and expert panel discussion, presented virtually via Zoom, will focus on the main aspects of running a business, with a primary focus on the architecture firm. This course will help attendees become more comfortable reviewing and understanding the accounting and business aspects of both projects and firm finances. The information will be aimed at supporting firm owners, project managers, and existing accounting teams who want to connect the dots between financial statements and firm health.

This virtual program will provide sole proprietors, firm leaders, and project managers with the tools needed to make informed, data-based decisions for successful financial management. 

Continuing education

2.0 AIA Learning Units (LU)

  1. Identify the reports needed from your accountant or accounting team, or create the reports needed to begin analysis;
  2. Review and manage income, cash flow, expenses and project costs;
  3. Explain how these pieces flow through the profit and loss report and balance sheet;
  4. Examine key performance indicators that can provide additional insight into firm health and efficiency.


This program will be presented by:
Stacey Johnson, finance director, AIA Minnesota
Stacey was introduced to AIA and its affiliates through Clifton Larson Allen where she served as a Chief Financial Officer for multiple organizations throughout the Twin Cities. In her role at AIA Minnesota, Stacey works with AIA and Minnesota Architectural Foundation leadership to advance the vision, mission, and financial goals of the organizations. As a former finance consultant and nonprofit industry leader, Stacey provides guidance on how to build and support strong business leaders and accounting teams.

Followed by a panel discussion including:
Sarah Hughes, director of finance and operations, Snow Kreilich Architects
Sarah Hughes is the Director of Finance and Operations at Snow Kreilich Architects. She is responsible for the company’s project staffing coordination, firm operations and growth, profit and loss tracking and financial goals management. Sarah has a unique professional arc, as an architect-turned-accountant. She’s spent a decade as a designer, followed by another decade of small, creative business financial consulting, and that has allowed her to understand multiple sides of architectural practice.

Ashley Mitlyng, AIA, principal, Mitlyng Design, LLC
Ashley Mitlying is an architect and founder of Mitlying Design. For the past 25 years she’s been listening to the histories of homes and neighborhoods and helping define the soul of home. Ashley started her firm in 2014 and maintains a small team of associates, truly bringing an authentic small firm perspective to this panel discussion.

Chris Schmitt, AIA, and Michael Roehr, AIA, principals, RoehrSchmitt Architecture Michael Roehr and Chris Schmitt have been working together in one way or another for decades, ever since they met on the first day of architecture school, and together they’ve founded RoehrSchmitt Architecture more than 15 years ago. Chris is on the board of the National AIA Small Firm Exchange Member Group and as a team, Chris and Michael have successfully navigated and implemented accounting structures and are working with architectural firm management industry leaders to expand firm growth.

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