Seminar description

Learn the core concepts of intercultural development and build your ability to engage effectively with colleagues, project partners, clients, and community members of various genders, races, ethnicities, and other “differences that make a difference.”

Participants will be introduced to the Intercultural Development Continuum before taking an evaluative assessment to measure their current skills and will received one-on-one guidance on the next steps needed to continue growth in intercultural competence. The program concludes with an interactive workshop to practice using and building your intercultural skills.

Learning objectives

  1. Attain shared meaning on key terms related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and ethics.
  2. Build individual and organizational cultural self-awareness.
  3. Explore the impacts of identity on work and relationships and an ethical practice.
  4. Identify the connections between AIA’s Code of Conduct and intercultural competence.



A $200 discount is available to members of the AIA Minnesota and local chapter boards; Women in Architecture or EDI Committee members; MSP AoA NOMA members; members of the Community of Practice for Culture Change (CPCC); and any current committee or knowledge community co-chair.

Continuing education credits

5 LU Hours; 4 ethics credits


This foundational session consists of four components:

  1. 60-minute online webinar where key terms and concepts will be defined

  2. Completion of an online evaluative assessment (IDI) to measure intercultural competence 

  3. Private, 45-60 minute coaching session with facilitator to review assessment results and develop personal goals

  4. Two 2-hour virtual interactive workshops to practice and build intercultural skills

Webinar: Thursday, March 4 from 1:00 – 2:00 pm CT
Workshops: Thursday, April 8 and Friday, April 9; 1:00 – 3:00 pm CT each day

Capacity is limited to 30 participants. 

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Questions? Contact Angie McKinley.