BIO: Ecological Principles in Buildings & Cities

Human activities are now the dominant influence on climate, ecosystems and biodiversity. Clearly our buildings and cities can no longer justify outsized demands on land, materials, energy, water and resources.

Today’s visionary practitioners have rejected the Anthropocene model and are building with an ecological mindset. They are leveraging natural processes in design, materials, construction, and operations to create a deeper integration between biology and our urban developments.

The 2020 Green Building Festival presents some of the most innovative approaches for buildings and cities to both mimic and nurture ecosystems. Explore Biodiversity, Biomimicry, Biogenics, Bioresources, Bioeconomy and other generative processes that strive to achieve circularity and the enhancement of nature in the built environment.
– Learn about self-replicating masonry units created from a single cell.
– Discover SOM’s Biomorphic Urbanism
– See how Biodiversity, Bioresources, Bioeconomy, Biomimicry combine to become cornerstones for future design
– Learn how to specify plants, soils, and green roofs for your local ecosystem in Earth Sciences & the Ecological City

Up to 7 GBCI and AIA LUs.

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