Minnesota Design Team (MDT) is visiting the town of Hanover, Minnesota, on September 14–17, 2023. 

Located 14 miles west of Maple Grove and just minutes south of St. Michael and Albertville is the uniquely positioned City of Hanover with a population of 3,610. Located within both Hennepin and Wright Counties on the western edge of the Twin Cities metropolitan area, Hanover does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Council as a majority of the city lies in Wright County.

Primary Topics for the Visit:

• The community has seen significant residential growth in the past two years (15-20%) and will continue to see major growth for the foreseeable future. As a bedroom community, one of Hanover’s challenges is connecting new residents with existing residents and developing a shared community vision.
• Building on a successful restaurant industry, the community seeks to bring in additional commercial business and encourage revitalization of the City’s downtown commercial district. 
• There is a major road project planned for the artery through their community in 2024. The community seeks assistance in ensuring connectedness of their Main Street corridor as well as connectivity to the North Crow River (design of a future trailhead) which flows right through its Downtown River District. The Community has several commercial properties in need of development, providing Hanover with a unique opportunity.

If you are interested in joining us for the visit, please complete the application found here.

Questions: Please contact either Katie Kangas, AIA, Richard Baker, or Austin Autrey, AIA (visit co-leads).